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SEARCH aims to partner with the world’s most innovative minds– from individual inventors, small businesses, fresh graduates and others to deliver on the company’s most challenging opportunities.We want to make it easy for current and potential partners to reach out to us with patented innovative products and technologies, ready-to-go merchandise and packaging,and other innovations that may be of interest to our business.Whether you’re a previous partner or brand new to Connect + Develop, here are the answers to some questions you might have about submitting your innovation to SEARCH.

Whether you are an individual inventor, small business, fresh graduate and other, the way to bring your innovation to us via this website.

We need a clear, concise description that conveys the nature of the innovation and the unique features and benefits it offers relative to existing solutions, and the status of your intellectual property.

Our initial review is based wholly on the non-confidential information you provide in your open innovation submission. Face-to-face meetings, phone conferences, or live demonstrations are typically not required at this stage.It may take between three and eight weeks for our initial review. In the event that we need additional information or samples, we will contact you.
In the meantime, we ask that you be patient and not contact our executives or other employees regarding your submission. Even if you have not yet heard from us, we are working on it!

Each innovation is reviewed by a Connect + Develop team member who determines how to route it to ensure it reaches the relevant business and/or technical personnel within our Company.

We are committed to reaching a decision as quickly as possible. However, a thorough initial review, especially of a technology innovation, may take as long as eight weeks to complete.

For any innovation change the business so compensation is an important of any business deal. Value is determined through discussions between both parties. As a result there is no standard amount.

  1. The proposed solution is already known to us.
  2. We already have work in progress in the area encompassed by the submission.
  3. The opportunity is not a strategic match with where we want to take our businesses or brands.
  4. The size of the opportunity does not fit with our business plans.
  5. There is a lack of protectable intellectual property associated with the submission.

SEARCH use this information to communicate with you about your submission. It does not used for any other purpose, nor is it shared with any third parties.

Submit Your Innovation:

If you see your idea is unique then why not share with us?  Drop your files with all supporting documents in this email.  Our email is We’re always keen to meet interesting people!