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Agriculture plays a key role in Bangladesh’s economic growth. Extensive irrigation, high-yielding crop varieties, more efficient markets, and mechanization, enabled by policy reforms and investments in agriculture research, human capital, and roads have driven agriculture sector’s growth.

Agriculture is a major source of rural jobs in Bangladesh. Over 87 percent rural people derive at least some income from agriculture. However, two thirds of rural households rely on both farm and non-farm incomes. Pro-poor agriculture growth has stimulated the non-farm economy in Bangladesh: a 10 percent rise in farm incomes generates a 6 percent rise in non-farm incomes. As non-farm incomes continue to grow, the government needs to focus on fostering a more robust rural non-farm economy.

Our main focus area in four main fields:



Horticulture and


Target Regions


Feed the Future targets investments in areas of Bangladesh with the greatest growth potential for rice production and diversification, prioritized high-value agricultural production, and with high levels of poverty and malnutrition. In particular, SEARCH works in 4 districts in the division of Sylhet first then spread it in whole nation.


Program Highlights: Search will highlight the following themes for the people and community;


  • Nutrition
  • Agriculture Research and Extension including;
  • More resilient crops
  • Better cost effectiveness
  • Better farming practices, including fertilizer use and irrigation
  • High-value crops
  • Resilience
  • Gender Integration.
  • Partnership with others
  • Governments engagement
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