Public Relation Sector


PROJECT DURATION: Feb-2012, Still on going.

Funding Sources: SEARCH


For better exposure of the organization and its vision, Mission, Goals, objective, Strategy, Approach, Development interventions, Pastures in action, Important Events, Turning points and Mile stones, Case studies, Future drives and development plans etc. In the national and International arena- SEARCH has established Public relation section in the year 2012.


Continuous Information Dissemination through Print and electronic Media.


  • Enhancement of organization Acceptance among community people and relevant development partners.
  • Organizational Image build-up and upholding.

Target Beneficiaries:

  • All beneficiaries of SEARCH those who are benefited by the various activities of SEARCH and rest of the country.
  • Operational Area: All over the country.

Core/Major Activities:

  • Circulate enhancing image related pictorial news, Case study, interview, report, Article to the print and electronic media.
  • Advertise SEARCH and it’s sister’s concern related advertisement to the media (Print, Electronic and FM).
  • To take the picture of important meeting of the organization. Arrange press conference, Seminar, Workshop and ensure the presence of media personal to various activities of SEARCH.
  • Publish SEARCH related book, brochure, pamphlet etc.
  • Making good relationship with media personal to enhancing reputation and circulating the image of SEARCH through media.
  • Increase social contact to save the asset of the organization.
  • To give support services to another Domain of the organization as per their demand.