Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  1. Obtain the required government approvals from respective authorities.
  2. Secure investment in various sectors of business.
  3. Experienced management team and Good organization structure.
  4. Excellent marketing and high level of customer service with no compromise of quality.
  5. To serve our members as one of our own family and improve member’s economic well being.
  6. We follow and strictly maintain the CSR activities in the line of 3p (People, Planet and Profit) philosophy.

Our Vision

The “People” has been the key success factor that SEARCH has achieved in a short span of time. Thus Management of the SEARCH emphatically values to hire, engage and retain talented employees. Human Resources Strategy of the SEARCH constantly strives and renews its commitment to meet the career aspiration and priorities of the employees. In line with the growth aspiration, the management of the SEARCH carefully identifies potential future leaders amongst its employees and takes extra ordinary effort to build them. The management of the SEARCH fosters a fair, enabling value based, ethical working atmosphere. Employees of the SEARCH enjoy being a part of the future success and expansion.